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An equestrian landscape that fits your discipline

Whether you are working with horses on a top level or just for a hobby; you and your horses need adequate and pleasant housing and spaces for training. Hendriks Eque Landscape develops high-quality equestrian landscapes with a solid infrastructure connecting paddocks, yards, stables and riding areas. Hendriks Landscape supports your passion, from advice to design and from assembly to maintenance.

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Equestrian landscaping by Hendriks

Hendriks Landscape provides infrastructures and landscaping that facilitate you in every discipline of equestrian sport. Are you are dressage rider, jumper or do have a passion for driving, the military, horse racing or a combination between these disciplines? Hendriks Landscape provides a safe, practical and atmospheric area to do what you do best.

Made of high quality materials

Our landscapes are designed and developed with the utmost care for you and your horses. Of course, we use high-quality materials such as impregnated hardwood fences, handmade metal ornamental gates, Agterberg soils and luxury pavements.

Which type of landscape suits your goals?

Would you like more information about equestrian landscaping? Contact us or make an appointment online. We work together with experienced landscape architects and fence builders. This unique combination provides an attractive, practical and safe equine landscape.

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